Super-Special Holiday Promotion!! 

Happy Holidays, Friends!


It’s hard to believe that…yes…we’re already smack in the middle of the 2015 Holiday Season. In the hustle and bustle, I sometimes have to remind myself to sit and enjoy it. Music allows me to do that. Perhaps music is one of the ‘keys’ to harnessing the magic at this time of year. Sharing the gift of music with those you love creates a magical experience even grander than the gift itself.

In that spirit of giving, I am overjoyed to announce a special promotion on my music.


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John's Fourth Album, "Renaissance", is now available! 


This record represents John's journey over the past five years, or so, and contains songs of seeking, finding, love, and surrender. John embraces many different musical styles - one might even say it is his signature. The eclectic palette of this record is indicative of his constant strive to stretch out into territories he has not yet explored.

Go to the "Listen" tab to check out some of the music from this record.

You can purchase this record and others in John's catalog (CDs and digital downloads)…

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